Application form for participation (in WORD format) can be downloaded from HERE



The application form is to be filled in the white fields to the right of the boxes in gray, where is shown the information required.

The application form contains information regarding:

1. Session for participation. Fill in with words in which session you would like to participate (e.g. “First”, “Second” or “Both), taking into account in which festival session your form of art will take place.

2. Name of the group (soloist). Fill in the full name of the collective (name and surname of the soloist), avoiding abbreviations. For example: “Youth Dance Ensemble "Horo”

3. Age group of the collective (soloist). Fill in the age group of the team (soloist), for example: "Third"

4. Art biography of the collective (soloist). Fill in a free text.

5. In which of the Contest (or non-contest) sections and categories will you participate? If you wish to participate in the contest program, please fill the letter (indicating the section) and the number (indicating the category), e.g. "A1".
If you wish to participate in the non-contest program fill the letter "H" and indicate the type of art, e.g. "H, A1".

6. Information about the production: Author - fill in the names of the authors of the music, lyrics, arrangement, choreography, etc. The duration is to be pointed out in minutes and seconds, e.g. "3:40".

7. Technical requirements. Information:

  • Type of player - specify what player is required for playing of your recordings, such as "MP3".
  • Microphone - complete the quantity and type of required microphones and tripods for them, e.g.  "3 cable, 2 cordless, 3 with a clip, 5 tripods".

8. Lighting. Please indicate what lighting is necessary (if applicable).

9. Special requirements (special effects). Please specify if you have other special requirements for your performance.

10. Participation in workshops and plenaries. Fill in if you wish to attend any of the organized workshops and plenaries. Please mention the particular activity you are interested in.

11. Information about the group (soloist).

Number of group members. Fill numeric quantitative composition of your group, seen as tourist group. The number in the "Total" is the sum of fill in the fields "Leader(s)", "Festival participants" and "Accompanying persons".

"Accompanying persons" are the people who are part of the group, did not express on stage as participants in the festival, but benefit from the offer by the organizers of the festival - tourist accommodation services and meals.

Group leader(s). Complete the personal details of the leader(s) of the team (soloist).

Organization. Complete the information about the organization (cultural center, community center, club), in which you collective is part (relates to).

12. What type of services do you order. Fill in with numbers for how many members of the group you order each of the three types of services offered (Participation in the festival, accommodation and meals; Participation in the festival and accommodation, without meals; Participation in the festival). Whether people are leaders, participants in the festival or accompanying persons. The sum of the two numbers filled in should be equal to the number in point 11.

13. Transport information. Fill in the required data in order to organize your welcome, check-in at hotels and possible transfers from another location (e.g. Burgas railway station).

14. Excursions and Entertainment. Fill if you wish to participate in organized excursions and activities included in the program. It is desirable to write the number people who would like to sign up. Information on excursions can be found under button "Excursions" on our website.

15. Invoice data. Fill in the relevant necessary information for issuing an invoice, if one is needed.

16. Details of the person who completes the form. Fill in the names and contact details of the person who completed the form.

The application verifies that the applicant accepts the Terms & conditions of the International Youth Festival of Arts "Muses" (status, regulation, pricing, program etc.) Please find the details on the official website of the festival

The completed information is considered final. Please avoid abbreviations.

The person, who completes the form, agrees personal data to be processed and used by the festival organizers in connection with the contract. This consent is granted under the provisions of art. 4 par. 1 pt. 2 and 3 of the Law on Protection of Personal Data

After completing the application, save the file with a name that you are offered or by another name.

Please send the application for participation in the festival to the address:


Click HERE to download the Application Form