Important Dates


For your successful preparation for 12th International Youth Festival of Arts "Muzite" ("The Muses")

Bulgaria, Sozopol 2017 

we hereby summarize the deadlines that must be kept:



20th  of June 2017 The final date to submit a participation application form. You can register your team online on  or complete the application form and music sent by us and return it to

22th  of June 2017 The final date to send a full list of the teams containing full name, date of birth and ID card/Passport number. For participants who need visas the list should contain: full name, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, expiry date.

25th  of June 2017 Changes of the repertoire can be made not later than 10 days before the start of festival-contest (25th of June 2016). Requests are sent to the managers of the festival by mail or post.

5/10th  July 2017   Arrival of participants, putting up at hotels, conducting the Technical Conference in the town of Sozopol with all delegates and presenting the Festival Program.

5/10th July 2017   Street parade. Festival (session) opening ceremony.

9/14th July 2017   Gala concert of the laureates. Session (festival) closing ceremony.

10/15th July 2017 Groups depart



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