Dear friends! Your creative group wants to participate in our international festival, but is your budget up this year? Do not lose hope, because many art groups face these problems. Do not collapse, we will advise you how to find a sponsor.

1. Contact the authorities
Appeal to national regional organizations, which may be ministries of culture or public departments for culture, education and youth work. Write a letter and complete it with your photos.

2. Contact entrepreneurs for help
The business is always interested in creating a favorable image and promoting its production and services. Each sponsor can be presented at the festival in the form of promotional products and banners. The organizing team of the Muses Festival sends official letters of thanks to the sponsors to express their gratitude for the development of cultural ties between the different countries. Your art group can print your sponsor’s logo on your own T-shirts.

3. Invitation from the organizers.
An organization festival team can send an official invitation to the official authorities of your region or city asking them to support your art group when submitting your region to an international competition

4. Organize a free concert
Organize a free concert in your city. While doing so, prepare colorful posters that explain your desire to participate in the international competition. During the concert, ask people to donate as your desire to showcase your talent and culture is part of a common cause.

5. Contact cultural support funds.

There are certainly associations and foundations that help to preserve and develop the culture in your area. Gather more recommendations and references and give them away. However, it is their duty to help talented performers.

6. Scroll through the mass media
Drawing the attention of the mass media. Prepare an article for the upcoming festival and the need to participate in it. Tell the press about the importance of your participation in the competition. The press always readily writes about the culture and the upcoming events.

7. Use social networks

Use the most social networks to get the attention of the trip. Be inimitable and brilliant. Get together with the whole group and think about how to become more creative.